Monday, June 12, 2017


The more we use technology around us the more isolated we can become.
I saw it evolve from when the home computer became popular with my son, he was around 12 or 13 and rather than go down the street and hang with his friends after school he would run home and go to the computer room and instant message them. That was back in the middle 90's now it has grown technically has grown so much more, people barely look up, they are either on their phone or in Facebook or they have their headphones on.
Don't get me wrong I am guilty of using all of that and probably do way more than I should. Certainly you have to use all of the social media to promote your work in some cases but most of us get sucked in even more. I do not think the answer is to totally ignore it but the biggest challenge is to harness it and to take the time to look up.
Do not allow technology to isolate you and please do not believe all the postings on how beautiful everyone's life is , we are all battling something in our lives. Unfortunately a lot of people find the need to try to keep up with the Jones's - and think they are missing out.

People need interaction- live interaction!
People need to enjoy all of this wonderful world around us not just on the computer in front of you.

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