Thursday, June 8, 2017

Common sense

The most important gene have is the common sense gene.

Our kids have more technology at their fingertips then any other generation in history and they are learning how to use it at a early age and from that they will have the ability to do some great things.

The thing I see missing more and more is plain old common sense, the ability to see and listen and to make common sense assessments and decisions. I also see missing is the ability to speak up, ask questions, people seem ok with just doing their little part of whatever they are assigned and content with staying within those lines.

Having good common sense and the curiosity to ask questions and learn are absolutely vital to growth, both for the individual and for whatever company or business that the individual works for.
You can be the most brilliant person on the books but if you cannot access the people and the situation around you properly you will always struggle.

 That is why I always say look up and listen and rather then judge others try to learn from them and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it it most likely a duck.

 Don't make things more difficult then they really are...use the good old common sense gene that the good Lord gave all of us.

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