Friday, June 2, 2017


I love a challenge!

I challenge myself every day !

Ever feel like telling some people to F off ? I sure do but when those moments arise or when I foresee  where they may arise I challenge myself- I challenge myself to smile and not let it get to me. I tell myself that if I do that then I allow them to win and more than likely it will carry over to the rest of my day in a negative way and effect what I can do.

Years ago I was over weight, I was up to 215 lbs. and I am only 5'7" , my doctor was ready to put me on pills to lower my cholesterol, I dislike taking any pills so I challenged myself and started a strict workout routine and started watching what I ate and how much I ate and dropped my weight to 175 Lbs. - no cholesterol problem anymore and no pills.

As a child growing up I grew up with my dad being an alcoholic and I vowed that would never be me, I would not allow alcohol to be a crutch, I challenged myself and to this day if I have a stressed day I will not allow myself to have alcohol because that would using it for the wrong reasons.
And thank God the alcoholic bug did not get me.

In whatever job I held I always challenged myself to do better, to learn and to try to find a better way.
I started my working life washing dishes and I wanted to be the best dishwasher, I then stocked shelves and worked my way up to manage the same store I stocked shelves at, then dispatched and worked my way up to Vice did not matter what the job was I just wanted to do my best.
I challenged myself to always be the best I could be, and to learn from everyone around me and to help others wherever I can.

Robert Kennedy said " Some people see things as they are and ask why, I see things as they should be and ask why not" .
I heard that quote as a very young boy and loved it and I try to live it every day.

Challenge yourself

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