Friday, January 27, 2017

The Human Experiment

Why do people act the way they do?
Why do you act the way you do ?
Why do re react to others the way we do ?

The older I get the more I feel like I am a spectator of life in this grand human experiment.
I try to learn from everyone and how they act or what they say, sometimes I learn from positive role models, sometimes I may learn from a negative situations.
I observe and take mental notes, I truly try not to judge because we act the way we do because of the foundation that was poured in our life's from childhood from what may have happened along the way.
So instead of judging I try to observe and learn.
Most times if I have the opportunity to get to know people I will always hear their story and then the puzzles starts to fit together.
 Perhaps they had one parent growing up or a abusive parent or maybe they had a physical or mental situation in their own life growing up, whatever the story it is who they are and why they may react the way they do is in their DNA.
 Maybe because of their own insecurities they lash out first or become more withdrawn or defensive.
 The thing is most people go through their own self evaluation and some can recognize their own faults but they try to keep it hidden because they may be embarrassed or that defense mechanism kicks in.
Whatever the reason we all have a story , I myself deal with the voices in my head and my upbringing. For a example my father was a alcoholic and all though , when sober, I knew he showed glimpses that he loved me though he never ever said it. Hugs and I love you were missing in my life as a child, listening to yelling and abuse was every day life. You do not know it then but those are the foundations and threads of life that stays in your head for the rest of your life. You react to people and situations differently lets say then a person who may have been brought up in a loving home and discussed things and hugged and supported each other.
What we try to do, or at least we should try to do, is as we get older is we should recognize those moments in our life's and learn from them- sometimes that is easier said then done.
I certainly learned from my father and hugged my kids every day and said I love you and now I do it with my grandchildren. I also forgave my dad because it was a different time, a different generation and he had his own devil to live with.
I do think that is where we do begin to heal and grow- when we simply forgive others that may have hurt us in our life and move on.

 Remember we are all in this same human experiment so try not to judge , observe and watch and listen and forgive- after all none of are getting out of this experiment alive.

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