Wednesday, January 25, 2017


What is our reward at the end of a day or the end of a move or for that matter at the end of a career ?
Money ?

When we are young it is a lot about money, it has to be because we are just starting out and bills and responsibilities starts coming at you fast and in order to stay ahead you need to make money so you bust your rear and put your head down and work- not only for you but soon you have your own family- there is a lot of responsibility there.

Then the older we get we realize, at least I hope we realize, that money is certainly necessary but I would not say it is our reward.

What makes you feel good at the end of a move or a work day? Is it how much money you made?
I mean what brings a smile to your face?
What is it that truly gives you satisfaction ?

For me, and I think for most, it is knowing that you made a difference in someone else's life or their work day. It is receiving that true " thank you" from someone or that firm handshake or maybe even a hug.
 That is our reward.
I have known many drivers and I have seen them at the end of a move or when they run into a customer months or even years after they moved them and that customer would come up to them and ask how they were or thank them again- bonds were made. And the smile on both their faces say it all.

After being in management for over 40 years I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds pf people and my biggest reward is hearing from any of them that I may have helped them or coached them or taught them a little something.
My first management role was in retail in early 20's and to this day when I run into a employee from those days and they say something positive it makes me feel good. One guy is grown up now with a family and he fixes our copy machines at Arpin , he was a kid when he worked for me back then but when he sees me he still comes over and shakes my hand and tells me that I was his favorite boss- that is my reward.
The same goes for when I worked for Honeywell and for the past 32 years here at Arpin.
Bonds are made.
That is definitely my true reward.

What is your reward at the end of the day or move or what you hoe to be at the end of your career ?

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