Friday, January 6, 2017


Inclusion -

We ALL want to be included !-
 And when we are not our feelings may get hurt and we may get angry.

It goes back to childhood days and wanting to befriend others and as we grow we realize that other people may have other agendas and so begin the clicks, or the groups , they call it being tribal.
People want to belong , so much so that they if they find themselves on the outside looking in they start to look for other groups to fit in with. That is how and why cults grow and hate group fester.
You can talk big and say you don't care if so and so likes you or if a certain group shunned you but deep down you do care because, again, you want to be included- you need to be- it is inbred.

People that are depressed can be depressed for many reasons- debt, relationships, but they also can reach depression from listening to that voice in the back of there heads too much and being angry because they do not seem to fit in or a certain group has decided to target them.
And now with social media it is 10 times worse, people can poke and prod from miles away and all with the intent to simply get under your skin.

There is no easy answer, no matter what you do you cannot shake off what is inbred - we want and need to have that pat on the back , that team feeling and that feeling of fitting in.
Yes, we can build a secluded life but we find out that does work either, we are born to have relationships and to share.

Our true accomplishments and times we feel really good about ourselves are the times we help others and we know that we made a difference.

So understand that you are not alone and that there will be people out there that want to push you away or poke you- just shrug it off as best you can and do NOT make their issues YOUR issues.
 Do not allow them to win and they win if you get angry or depressed or try to retaliate.

Smile- think about the people that DO believe in you and keep positive.

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