Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It is not going away

It is easy to just give up or to settle-
Especially in today's times when things are changing so rapidly and people are getting more and more divided.

The easy thing is to throw your hands in the air and say the heck with it or the heck with them.
We are all dealing with some kind of change- everyone !
I guarantee that if you ask people outside of what you do if they are trying to adapt to change and if they like it they will all have the same response and it will be that they either are trying to adapt to the change in their work place or they simply hate it and refuse.

Here is the thing- it will just follow you where ever you go because businesses are now and always will be changing and adapting. We are always trying to find a better mouse trap and with technology changing everyday so do the mouse traps.- We have NO choice.
We can talk about the "good old days" over a beer and pass down "the way it use to be" to our grandchildren but trust me- we are NOT going back and it is not going away.

So where does that leave us- those of us between 50 and 70 especially- it leaves us trying to learn and adapt-
Embrace change and technology - run toward it, not away from it and you will begin to learn and grow and find that it can actually help you.

Ask questions- look things up on the internet- no matter what it is I guarantee their is a training video for it or a blog or a newsletter.

Businesses are only going in one direction- it is a lot easier if you swim with the tide then against it.

Here is a perfect example- smart watches are relatively new.. watches that you can receive text on, my friend has one and he even controls the volume to his music played with his wireless Bluetooth speaker and IPod- from his watch.. remember Dick Tracy ?

 We have not even caught up to smart watches and check out what may be replacing them already.. do you remember Star Trek ?

Adapt and Change.. It is not going away !

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