Tuesday, July 5, 2016


How does hate grow?
Why does hate spread?
People have a need to belong-
Now the challenge is with the computer and social propaganda is rapid and plentiful.
People like to hear themselves talk and love the power.
They have a few stand up and pump their fist in the air and shout- yea- you're right- and that's it they are hooked. The man shouting has a audience and feels the power  and the ones listening has a group to belong to..and so it goes.
Hate always sells -
I have always fought the groups and the clicks even when I was a kid, people would talk about someone and say why do you talk to him or her and they would try to poison my thoughts with their own opinion. I always felt like I wanted to make up my own mind thank you. And I think I have always felt that way.
I do not like haters and if anything it makes me more suspect.
Be your own person- make up your own mind and do not allow others to pollute it.

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