Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Admit your mistakes

Admit your mistakes.
In the 1960s, Gleason hosted a television program that he designed around a celebrity

game show format. The opening night was so terrible that the network was planning to

cancel the entire series. The next week Jackie came out in front of the live audience and

apologized for the previous week’s program. He immediately turned it into a variety

show format.

In early 1961, the United States launched a failed attempt to overthrow the Castro regime

in Cuba. It was known as “The Bay of Pigs” because that was the location of the ground

assault in Cuba. The invasion was a disastrous defeat within hours. Soon afterwards,

President John F. Kennedy told a stunned country about the CIA operation.

Although the failed attack had been planned prior to his inauguration, Kennedy approved

it. He admitted his failure and mistake on national television. It earned him respect that

he would need months later during the Cuban Missile Crisis where the US and Soviet

Union came close to nuclear war. If more leaders (politicians, are you listening?) would

admit mistakes and ask forgiveness, people would trust them more.

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