Friday, July 22, 2016

People will turn on you

The sad fact of life is people will turn on you.

And I get it, for the most part it is easier to blame and yell and point the finger than to accept personal responsibility so who you think is a ally today can be your enemy tomorrow.
Here's the thing that is difficult - to accept that and not let it harden you.
It hurts when people that you have helped turn on you so as a result you can take the approach that to prevent being hurt again you simply stop helping others and just simply watch out for yourself.
I can get that too.

Problem is there are people that will appreciate you and that you can help and at the end of this journey those are the tokens that add up the most- The people that we have helped along the way.

So come to grips with the fact that you will get stabbed in the back, talked about and blamed- especially if you are in a position that touch a lot lives.
 It happens and sometimes they even come around and realize it someday but they are hurt too and carry their own crosses so do not become hardened or change.

Keep on keepin on and move on.

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