Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brag on your audience

Brag on your audience.

Jackie Gleason always said in the closing monologue: "The Miami Beach audience is the

greatest audience in the world!" The crowd would erupt with cheers and applause. The

locals loved this and responded favorably to his show. Once again it drew attention to

Miami Beach, but more importantly, it also put the attention on his audience instead of

himself. Gleason gave the audience credit each week for the show’s success and returned

thanks to them on a regular basis. No wonder they cheered!

It always helps to brag more on your customers than yourself. Just ask big companies

like Southwest Airlines, or small businesses like Columbus Bowl (a family bowling

center in Ohio). They brag on their customers instead of themselves and reap the

benefits. Rock and country musicians often shout out the local city names in concerts to

get the audience energized. Gleason did it before it became a trend and set the standard.

How can you turn the attention to your customers and have it reflect back on your brand

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