Friday, June 24, 2016

What comes around..

Below is from Skip..

38 Years later

Most of you know, I'm helping Arpin do a bunch of stuff now, not just training, even helping Kristen with anything she needs help with. My main thing is taking care of the no touch guys and I'm having a blast, setting things up, getting crews set up, I guess I'm a dispatcher now too...The other day we had 13,000 that needed storage, WAY, up 101 in California, just north of Eureka. I've spent an awful lot of time up there and knew, not many movers...But , I'm getting way ahead of myself..


1981,I had a job assigned in Redding, we had an agent there, but he wanted nothing to do with military moves, so the Van Lines sent the Agent over from Eureka , finest kind of folks, the owner Steve, and his helper packed the job and helped me load it.Good trip, then jump forward 3 years, and I get a load out of Eureka and it was him and his family. He had sold his agency and had taken a job as a salesman in Tucson. I was living there at the time, knew the agent well, good folks..

 At that point, I moved to Alabama, and lost touch with just about everyone there...It turns out 5-6 years later, they moved back to Eureka, went to work for Humbolt transfer( United agent)...Well...Day before yesterday, Kristen and I were talking and I needed to find a home for that 13,000.I got the AMSA source book out, and called Humbolt Transfer and got Joshua on the phone. At first he stated he had no way to take any storage until 7/7 and this needs to be off on the first...I told him I'd just have to deal with an agent in Redding and the long delivery out, but, could he answer a question.

He said yes, what's up? I told him I used to know a guy who worked there and I was wondering if he was still around, went on with the story, about the first time I'd met him and moved him to Tucson, his voice lit up.....He said that's my dad, and he was 4 years old when I moved them....He remembered me. Talk about an about face...He told me to call back and he would see what he could do...Now it's going into his warehouse, all from memories of 38 years ago...

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