Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Remembering Joe Farmer- a great mover and a even greater person

Below is from a Arpin employee that Joe Farmer worked with and moved-

I'm still at a loss over Joe's  passing. : (

Here are photos of them at my house delivering my shipment  during the aftermath  of a CAT 4, almost 5 Hurricane that swept through  my town in Northwest  Florida. Poor Joe was already in route and the storm hit. They hung out on the way down  to be  allowed to be allowed into my area. 

One of the pictures  you can see me taking pictures  driving looking at the storms path,  while  his truck was behind me. (Sideview mirror ) I was so amazed at the landscape, how much was torn up, etc. When we arrived to my house, he was so sweet. He just hugged me and said, "That ride must have been awful for you, to see such a beautiful  area torn up, but let me tell you what, (in his sweet accent) we are gonna get you set up and on your way*with his reassuring  smile*)

As soon as he said those words, my electricity in the house was restored!  He said "Now that's the power of prayer"

Those 10 minutes meant the world to me. The move meant the world to me but he was so sweet, calming and reassuring  that it did feel ok.

He was a sweet, kind and happy soul. I am truly sadden  by his passing.



John DiMariangeli said...

After joining Arpin three seasons ago, I'm still amazed at how much respect Arpin Van Lines treats it's emoyees,contractors, and associates. I've never seen a company give so much, foster as much growth, and show so much selflessness and concern for others. It's truly amazing to see.

Donna Matthews said...

Thank you, Cindy for sharing those memories. Joe was my big brother and I went on a few road trips with him. He made me love the road and what he did. He was a remarkable brother, uncle, friend and person. Thank you, again.