Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Sometimes even though you try to do the right thing and work hard and help others you can still feel alone.
It is difficult at times especially for those of you that drive for a living when you start to feel alone, when you feel that no matter what you do people do not recognize you or your efforts.
I think maybe we all need some kind of acclamation or recognition at least every once in a while.
I personally do not seek out attention or need that pat on the back but that said I must admit that I too can sometimes feel alone or unappreciated.

All you can do is continue to do " The Right Thing "- in the end it all comes to surface.

I see today where it is getting harder and harder to break through and make true alliances and friendships and that is going to make people feel even more alone and in a silo.
I do believe that is why so many young people are turning to violence , we need each other , we need to know that someone cares and the more we become isolated the more people will need to reach out and sometimes the only avenue they see is violence, hate and fear.

Reach out to someone today and say thank you- that is it, that is all you have to do- try it.

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Road Warrior said...

AND,leave GREED out of the equation...Money matters,but,customers matter more...