Thursday, June 30, 2016


Hard work. Away from family. Meet new people. Some good shippers. Some not so good shippers. BS claims. Corporate greed. Good labor. Some labor not so good. Big discounts that shouldn't be there. Good agents. Bad agents. Road construction. Traffic. DOT. Being overweight on your trailer axles and nothing you can do about it. Doing your best despite it all.

It's about taking pride that someone has trusted you to move their most personal and prized possessions. And finding new places to boat and hang out along the route from origin to destination. It's about knowing that more and more shipments and being crates and freighted. And that most corporate companies know that simply loading/unloading trailers and hiring "no-touch" drivers is happening now and growing.

It's knowing you're a part of a dying breed, and saying the heck with it and continue to do your best anyway, knowing there's no way " crate and freight," or "no-touch drivers" could ever give the amount of customer service and personal care you give.

It's knowing that "mover" is just a label given by the industry, and understanding that "counselor/crew leader/'yes I will handle your grandmothers table with ultimate care'/customer care rep/advice giver/professional driver who can get into he trickiest spots so COD customer does not pay for a shuttle/...on and on.

At the end of the day, it's about moving a family from one location to another, and making it as smooth as possible regardless of ALL THE BS you put up with. It's about making it as happy as pleasurable for your customer. And if you've done that, you get a nod from your shipper on a job well done. And that gives you an inside feeling of satisfaction that cannot be explained in words.

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