Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sometimes it takes time..

Just do and say what is right and the rest will follow.

Sometimes it takes time but if you do the right thing it WILL reap benefits.

Recently I had a past driver say some positive things about conversations that I had with him years ago. They were tough conversations but honest, I truly wanted to help him and sometimes people need someone that can cut through the muck and just tell them the truth.
He would listen and say I was right but sooner or later he returned back to form and we would eventually have the same conversation again.
I always felt that he meant well and I knew deep down he was a good guy and did a great job, he simply allowed the " other guy disease " to take over at times. Many people suffer from this, it is when you care more about what the " other guy " is doing then just worrying about yourself and how you can be a better person, employee or driver.

Well fast forward and years later he thanked me for those many talks and he sounds like he now gets it. I use to tell him that he knows how to turn on the charm because customers loved him but he would treat others kinda rough, so I told him to just treat everybody as if they were your customer and he would be successful and have a more productive life overall.  And years later you threw those same words back at me and said he now gets it.

Pretty cool.

Like I said sometimes it takes time...just know in your heart that you are doing good and saying the right thing and genuinely wanting to help and remove the noise of negativity and you can make a difference.

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