Wednesday, December 9, 2015



In April I celebrated 30 years at Arpin Van Lines and in January I will celebrate 35 years of marriage.


I always speak of relationships and how work relationships are very similar to your personal relationships.
In order to have been at the same workplace for over 30 years and a marriage of 35 it takes work---you WILL have some bumps in the road.

In my marriage I must confess that most of the bumps are mine and caused by me but my wife has been wise enough to allow me to work through them. In times that over react, or do not react, she gives me the time to work it out within my own head. If given time I can reflect and ask myself
" Why "- why did I react the way I did.
 It may force me to search my subconscious for things that may have occurred in my childhood or past relationships to make me react the way I do .
Either way I normally come up with the conclusion that I could have done it better or said it better or reacted differently.
In the end MY WIFE makes me a better person for that -and I have grown.

In the workplace it is very similar, I have worked with many different personalities both at the home office and outside the office with all types of people and personalities.
 Again I have put in many situations and sometimes due to stress I may have , actually I know I have, overreacted with anger.
 I learned quick that I needed to evaluate my reactions and if and when I was in the wrong it helped to admit it.
I learned from them and I have made life long friends because of it and I again became better for it.
I am thankful that Arpin gave the opportunity to that.

 Commitment is essential to growth , personal growth.
 And having the right partners in life is also essential.
 In this holiday season take the time to reflect on your relationships and how you may be able to learn from them.

 Life is all about lessons and commitments.

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