Monday, December 21, 2015


“And below is from fellow Arpin driver ..

I just got an over length citation in MT. The DOT officer ask me to get the word out because they have been hitting alot of drivers recently. If you have to tailgate through the state of MT you must purchase an over length permit before entering the state. Cost of permit is $10 per trip, or $85 for the entire year. If not purchased before entering the state it is an $85 fine plus cost of permit. This is good information to add into your morning email with fuel discount info.”


The age of getting information is here.

The age of sending information is HERE!


I got this in an Email this morning and it hit me, just how important any information, that saves me money is. Think about it , social media, texts, our IPAD , and cell phones have made our job so much easier and more profitable. Why is it some folks still shy away from the future? We all need to stay up with the news within our industry, and information/communication is the answer.


Anybody else remember calling dispatch, leaving the pay phone number you were at and waiting for a call? Anybody else remember, waiting 3 months before you got home, to read the news sent to you by your company in the mail???


This should be a rant about getting up to date with the Mobile Mover product, but, I think it's more about staying away from technology...Getting the newspaper to check the weather, when you can get live weather feeds on your IPAD. Or how about going to the webcams available and looking at a live feed of what Elk Mountain, and the roads right there, look like? ANYTHING you need, you can find....



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