Wednesday, August 19, 2015


  • Makes Us Understand Others – Conflict is usually the stark differing of viewpoints, values, or vision. When we get outside of our views to see the other side, or as Stephen R. Covey stated “seek first to understand,” we will find out what the other party holds close to and begin to work towards a more common ground.
  • Builds Relationships That Were Previously Non-Existent – In finding common ground, we may discover a shared value, thus starting down the road to a more solid team, better working relationship, or a business partnership that otherwise would have been left undiscovered.
  • Pushes Us To Overcome Fear – Fear in conflict stems from stress of the conflict itself, the element of the unknown, or the potential loss of control or loss of something we hold dear. When we work through these times and stay mindful in overcoming those fears, we find freedom to more actively pursue resolutions rather than being on the defensive.
  • Teaches Us How To Be Better Communicators & Listeners – How many times have we put our walls up when a conflict is about to ensue? These walls prevent us from listening or understanding, both of which are very detrimental to our pursuit of growing our leadership influence. If we are cognizant about learning how to improve our communication, we will see the opportunities the situation presents to us.

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    Road Warrior said...

    I really like this....I must add that anger has no place in an honest discussion,emotions(even in your voice)need to be left behind.I love to debate and reason with folks,but,it's hard when folks get angry...I've even had some try to bully me,little threats,that I just leave alone.Then I push it back to what we were discussing,that alone sometimes creates more issues,they think I'm ignoring them...Just keep focused....AND LEAVE EMOTION OUT...