Monday, August 31, 2015


Not keeping their commitments

– I think most leaders have every intention to follow through on their promises, but the problem lies in our eagerness to make the promise without having a clear idea on what it will take to deliver.

Leaders tend to be problem-solvers and when a problem presents itself, leaders spring into action to marshal the resources, develop an action plan, and get the problem solved.

 It’s important to carefully chose your language when you make commitments with other people because although you may not use the word “promise,” others may interpret your agreement to take the next action step as a promise to accomplish the goal.

Be clear in your communications and set the proper expectations for what you are and aren’t committing to do.

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Thomas Olson said...

I will give you a situation where you hit a bullseye on this.
The ' Walk thru ' at origin and destination.
When a driver does the walk thru with the shipper that is when the shipper will bring up a concern or issue they have and need the drivers help with.
Without fully undstanding the concern and quickly giving them an answer your setting yourself up with a problem to solve a problem.
Believe me, I learned the hard way...
You could not be any more right then you are, assess the situation, make your plan, communicate accurately and then solve the issue.