Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Absoluetly no follow up

The biggest problem I see in business today is people have NO FOLLOW UP-

And that is in all walks of life and in all businesses.

Is it because people just do not care? or are lazy? or both?
The crazy part is a lot of these people are in the sales or communication business.
I understand if you just do not want to be bothered enough to follow up and help other people but choose a job more like a assembly line type of work.

Most problems I come across is because someone in the food chain did not follow up and because of their lack of work ethic others suffer.- It is just not fair.

It is not that difficult- just care enough to finish the job or at least attempt to do your job.
Why should others suffer because of people just decide to not care ?

I work with all kinds of people with all kind of titles and who hold good jobs making good pay and it astonishes me on how they not only got to be where they are but they even are able to hold a full time job.

If we have a problem with our country slipping behind other countries in the world it is because we are losing our work ethic.

Just Care about what you do and follow up....dang it people...come on..where is your pride?

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