Tuesday, May 23, 2017


louis c k generation of spoiled idiots ..

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy ..

You can usually find truth in humor, in this video comedian Louie C K talks about how advanced we are and how far we have come with technology and yet how unhappy we are.
My generation understands how far we have come because we remember the rotary phone, no cell phones or the computer, black and white TV, cars with no AC and roll down windows but there is whole other generation now behind us that do not know life without all this technology we have today. Because they do not know what life was out without all these luxuries most are simply spoiled and do not really appreciate what they have, they also do not know how to shut down and look up.

 It is the next generation's biggest challenge- how to harness this great technology and yet no lose simplicity and human interaction.


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