Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Self - esteem

We can't go anywhere without strong self-esteem.
We have to be honest with ourselves about where it comes from.
The important thing to remember is that self- esteem must be earned. You must deserve it, just as you must deserve victory. If the effort is there, plus the discipline to back it up, you will automatically start to feel better about yourself. There is no better feeling you get when you've taken control of a situation.
Whether you believe it or not , you do have control over your life.
Life is NOT something that happens to you, something you are powerless to do anything about.
YOU make the choice to succeed or you fail. You decide by your work ethic and your will. And there is no time limit on this. Nor is there any age limit. It is never to late to transform your life and implement the changes that are going to lead you to your dreams.
The option is always there.

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