Monday, May 22, 2017


Build a strong foundation-
Your children are an extension of you and it is very important that you help build a strong foundation that they can draw from in their life and that starts from Ruth's day they are born. The time they spend with you as children is what they know of the world around them and what they will try to immediate in their adult lives. The time you spend with them, the husband love will be the beginning of their foundation. How you treat others and the words you use will be part of their foundation, they are always watching and listening, you are their world.
You will have no more important job on this earth , being a pRent and enjoying the life of your children is what it is all about.
Yes, you need money so you can provide for your children but do not forget the foundation.
Money will not buy your children's memories or give them the knowledge of family, only you and your time will do that.
Enjoy the ride and give your children the most important gift you could ever give them- You-

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