Monday, October 31, 2016

Being tough

When is being tough just being disrespectful?

I will exercise my first amendment and my freedom of speech and voice my opinion here on the difference of being " tough " and telling people you could care less about their feelings and just being disrespectful.

I have heard it throughout my years in business - people saying " I don't give a crap about what people think I say what I feel and do what ever I want and if they don't like it that's their problem".
Is that being tough or disrespectful?

I do not see the benefit of pissing off anybody- if I do not agree with them I may voice my opinion or I may not, it depends on the circumstances. I do not always need to be the loudest voice, as a matter of fact I prefer to be the quietest voice in the room. I prefer to listen and absorb and to try to find common ground.  The one thing I do know is that life is easier when you have allies and friends, if you can not be friends at least by trying to find a bridge it may make your job easier and you may even learn something.

Shutting people down or shouting louder does not make a person tough nor does it make you right, what it does do is turn people off , so even if you had a valid point it gets lost.
You may think you don't care but you do- otherwise why do you get so worked up?

We all want to accepted and we all have different opinions , if we all simply listen and respect each other's opinion we may eventually find common ground.

After all we are all in the same rat race- we all share the same space -
I know that sounds like a fairy tale but you have to believe in something and have goals and I know that in my experiences when I have released my hate and lowered my shoulders and was the first to extend the olive branch good things happened and I could begin to SEE the other person.

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