Thursday, October 6, 2016

Keep Your Cool

When you encounter those that - Blame-  keep your cool.
 Because when people are blaming others they are doing so because their conscious mind are afraid to confront themselves as it stimulates a pain in their brain.
A simple example would be, when someone cooks for you, you eat it and find it tastes bad, still you eat and complain that it tastes bad!
So, what would be a better decision, one would be, To not eat it and tell truthfully it tastes bad! or to eat it although it tastes bad.
The people who always blame others are in middle of the two possible solutions. And these people are often confused, depressed and worried. So, rather than being angry, take a profound look at their daily lives and you will find their problems.
Delve into their problems, and feel their emotions, and if they want a suggestion, help them. If you don't like them as much, leave them be. Because there are lots of things in this world that you can put your thoughts to.

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