Monday, December 5, 2016

The Holiday Season

Here we are in another Holiday Season...
What does that mean ?
Holiday songs- gifts- dinners and celebrations !!
It can also be a very depressing time for many, suicides rise during the holidays, people can get sad and angry and depressed, alcoholism is very much a issue more so during the holiday season.
I am certainty not trying to be a downer but these are the facts.
Unfortunately through the years the more we have commercialized the holidays the worse it has become. Buy more - rack up those credit cards- and them become more in debt and more depressed.

I think that the social media certainly contributes to these feelings, everyone is always posting about how happy they are and the new toys they bought and others think - hey, why is that not me? Why do they have things and why are they happy all the time? Therefore they start to self reflect and think that they may be missing something and worse they start to blame others and get angry.
Trust me when I tell you that everybody has something they are struggling with, everyone has the family issues and the bills and mom or dad or sister or brother or spouse or friend that is struggling with medical issues.
You are not alone.

The holiday season should be a time when you just take some time to think about all you have not what you want and mostly who you have to be thankful for.

Life is hard and it will constantly throw curve balls at you,- That is Life - and if you think the other guy has it made think again.
 I hope and wish that all of you find that spot and take the time to simply exhale and slow down, even if just for a day or two and find peace within.
Do not let the acts of others define YOU-

Maybe start with just letting a grudge go and letting the hate and jealousy go.. the holiday season and life is what YOU make it.


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