Thursday, December 1, 2016


Listen: Listening is a sign of respect; when you listen well, others feel appreciated and heard, even if you don’t agree with them.

Ask don’t tell: Your team wants to come up with their own solutions. Instead of solving problems for them, ask how they would solve them; this demonstrates that you hold their ability to think through dilemmas in high regard.

Follow through: Making a commitment to your team is one thing. Following through on that commitment shows that you care for and respect them.

Being truthful: Don’t mince words! When you tell it like it is, your team members feel included. Telling them what they need to know is a sign that you trust their ability to handle the truth.

Being clear: When you’re clear about the direction of your organization, it tells your team that you know they can move ahead and do what’s needed to reach goals.

Treating people equally: It’s all too common for a leader to have favorites on the team. Treating people equally doesn’t mean you treat them the same. It means you don’t “play favorites” while treating everyone similarly, showing that you expect everyone’s best.

 Tell them what they did right: So often, feedback is critical in nature. When you give your team positive feedback, they will feel respected for what they did and have confidence that they are on the correct path.

Stand out by being the leader who daily shows respect to their team..
It’s good for you, good for the team, and great for the bottom line.

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