Thursday, December 29, 2016


When will you be satisfied?

Remember when you turned 16 ? The whole world was out there and now you were given the keys to go explore- how cool, how exciting !

We were happy to drive anything ! It did not matter how old or what make or model it was, if it started up and could get you places it was spectacular. You were satisfied and happy.
Then we saved and worked ( or maybe mostly worked ) and we bought our own car, one that you could sit in and know that it was yours- you were happy and satisfied.

Then somewhere along the way you wanted to get that bigger car or truck or that fancier model , so you may have taken out a loan and now you found yourself mostly working to pay off your debt because you nee insurance now too.. and so it begins.

We can get so caught up in working for our things that we lose that feeling we had when was 16 and satisfied and excited just to be able to be us and to enjoy the simple things.

Less is more- my wish for you is to find the satisfaction and the simplicity of life once again.

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