Friday, December 2, 2016

Adapt and Change

In today's world in order to survive and succeed you need to Adapt and Change.
Everyone's business model changes almost every day thanks to technology and I do not care what business you may be in, trust me you are effected.

Ever sense the 90's and the computer the speed of which we do things and the technology that is at all of our fingertips has changed the way that businesses conduct their day to day and if not they are left behind.

A couple quick stories-

I have a friend that was the head guy at a major car dealerships in New England and was great at what he did he loved it, well about 5 or 6 years ago he was at the retirement age ( actually was around 68 ) and his dealership was switching over to do many of their day to day requirements by computer. Now this guy had been doing what he was doing for close to 30 years and did not like nor did he need the computer, it just slowed him down he said. The dealership was only going in one direction so he had to join the parade or retire. He chose retirement and has regretted it ever sense, he had plenty of good years left and he enjoyed what he was doing but he refused to adapt.

I myself was in the dispatch and moving business for over 25 years when I led the charge to computerize operations -  I was, and still am in a way, intimated with the computer. You have to remember that I was not with my present employer very long back in the middle 80's when we bought and used our first fax machine. We were all amazed as we watched this thin paper run through this machine and come out all curled up on the other end knowing that it was going to be received way off in another State. So you see we have come a long way since. I knew at a certain point that I had to adapt and I chose to get ahead of it and lead the charge to computerize operations. Now truth be told I preferred and still prefer the old fashion way , using paper and pencil, I had that down to a science and loved working that way but I knew that if I did not adapt and change it would run right by me.

We are still changing every day for each and every one of us in all walks of life and we all have a choice-
Adapt and Change or move on but remember this technology will move forward with or without you.
Try not to be intimated - try the unknown- embrace change- who knows you may even find that it improves parts of what you do- either way - it is your choice.

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