Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Know When to Take Charge and Back Out

Know When to Take Charge and Back Out

It’s good to take charge and head forward into the battle, but you’re not wise when you don’t know when the right time to back out is and when you should just leave things. When you’re working together as a team, you’re involving several heads in the same task and each one has their own ideas and approaches. Accept when someone comes with a better idea or is just better than you at a particular skill set. You might not always have all the answers, but just by enhancing their perspective and learning from your experiences, you can inspire others as well.

Great leaders exhibit their experience, accomplishments, and intelligence in their work by showing humility.

 They do not go around telling everyone repeatedly about themselves.

 What makes a good leader different? -Not the types who like to progress by pulling the legs of others to make them fall down and lag behind.
By communicating with everyone and letting them know their importance, you are also signifying that you’re open to discussions and always willing to listen and accept when you’re wrong as well.

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