Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Being Thankful

Being Thankful is not just a one day a year thing but Thanksgiving does, or should, remind us to be thankful for so many things in our life's.

For one having a life- just being here - look around- look up - appreciate everything around you.
Of course around the holiday season we spend a little more time with family and friends and hopefully we use that as time to just exhale and be thankful to have them in our life's.

Yes, we have struggles and differences of opinions and we for the most part we probably work too much and end up chasing the almighty dollar too much but need to be sure we take the time to breathe and enjoy the simple things- Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans- don't make the mistake to let it pass you by.

When you look back each stage of your life is kinda a blur- your elementary school years , high school- your teenage years- your twenties- each decade takes on a new life and hopefully lessons learned. We learn more from our failures then our accomplishments , Lord knows I have.

So my wish and hopes for all of you is that you take the time this holiday season to enjoy the simple things and that you smile a bit more and hug someone that you care about and just say " Thank You " to someone who may have helped you on your journey or just someone that enjoy being with.

Remember we are all just visiting.. might as well Enjoy The Ride !

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